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Tank company as a game specially built for military enthusiasts, in which there are a wide variety of tank styles, so what kind of tank is the most powerful in the game? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian. [\ n] what is the tank of the tank company? [\ n] Light is the eye car, which is responsible for lighting and providing output direction for td and artillery. [\ n] Zhongtan is roaming, relies on flexible mobility, and is responsible for battlefield support. [\ n] Chongtan basically takes the city line, or the edge flat line, mainly calling each other's faces, and whoever wins this game wins; [\ n] taking the city line is flat, where there is a house, where the artillery cannot be blown up, because the heavy flat blood is thick, it takes a long time to tell the victory or defeat; [\ n] shells with ap eggs, wear and injury, moderate rules and low price are the main output shells in a game. [\ n] there are heat/apcr eggs, mainly responsible for armor piercing, for cross-level or type output, to ensure that it can penetrate and cause damage. [\ n] there are he eggs, low armor piercing and high damage, mainly light tanning to artillery, medium tandem to light tanning for high output to quickly solve each other. [\ n] the above is the sharing of the tank company what tanks are powerful, quickly collect special software to stand more popular games!




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