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Zulong in the 17 chapters of Heaven and Earth hijacked Youcheng baffled many players, in fact, found a routine, clearance is not very difficult, the editor here detailed arrangement of the 17 chapters of the game, interested partners must not miss. [\ n] Heaven and Earth robbed Youcheng again Chapter 17 how to play [\ n] lineup collocation: ice hedge, Feng Cold Moon, Wei Chi, 夏侯, Feng Ma, 鹿照仪. [\ n] Battle strength is recommended: about 1859 ice hedges, about 1750 cold months, and about 1608 others, T1358. [\ n] play: [\ n] the first round: ice glass 夏侯 hit the dragon tail, Feng Han Yuewei played the dragon claw late, put debuff to the big faucet in the middle of the 小鹿站, and sealed the attack range where the mother stood behind the fawn and left the bibcock. [\ n] the second round: continue to play dragon claw and dragon tail, pay attention to the person named by boss. [\ n] the third round: Dragon claws and dragon tails all explode, remember to step on the dragon scales to restore life, seal the cold moon to step on Sao can fire two shots in a row, and then all move to the middle. [\ n] the fourth round: directly hit the big faucet into the second stage. [\ n] the fifth round: start the whole crew to move, watch the blood volume and displacement, all the output first run to hit the dragon tail, burst the dragon tail in one round, there is another output because one person can only fight the dragon's claws, the deer still stands in the middle, Feng Ma keeps an eye on the deer. [\ n] Round 6: all outputs look at the dragon's claw to run, watch who is named by the leader and remember to gather and share the damage. [\ n] the dragon claw was blown off in the seventh round, and the big faucet already had about 10000 blood left. Step on the dragon scale to output blood crazily, and then it passed. [\ n] the above is the sharing of heaven and earth to rob the secluded city again Chapter 17 how to play, quickly collect special software to sta




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